The founder of "Herbal Spa" celebrates his employee partners

1200 employees from 14 countries around the world participate in serving Kuwaitis through "Herbal Spa"

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Hussain Alnassar: Business Strategist who empowers entrepreneurs to build a brand

Hussain Alnassar – An influential person
entrepreneur in the field of entrepreneurship and human development

Hussain abdulmohsen abdulrida alnassar was born in Kuwait on 20 December 1971 and began his working life in the Kuwaiti national army in the air force and was able to quickly become a self-employed businessman.

P.c. ‘s first company was opened by the “Alnassar”. Computing, maintenance and web design in 1997, which had then competed with large specialized companies, besides importing many products, particularly from the state of China.

In 2003, the sat zone satellite project was added to the hussein alnasser company group,
which included “Elmobhar” fish restaurants in Kuwait.

“Herbel spa”
At the beginning of 2005, the first branch of the group’s large project, called “Herbel spa”, was opened in the Riggai area.

And it was for Men only, later the nucleus, had an international institution for massage work, whose branches in Kuwait alone numbered about 30 branch for men and women , so far.

In 2016, the move began outside Kuwait, with the opening of bosnia’s first “Herbel spa”, which was later joined by several branches in the capital, sarajevo, as well as an agreement to open branches in both bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

In 2020, an international agency for the product “Caribou coffee” was awarded an affiliate in the bosnian state.

In addition, a logistical group has been added to service the group, including the opening of a luli dyer in Kuwait.

The hussain Alnassar group of companies was able to establish a number of cooperation protocols with the embassies of bosnia, Indonesia and the Philippines to generate employment.

Within Kuwait alone, the number of employees of the corporate group was estimated at approximately 800 from 13 different countries.

Charismatic person
Hhussain Alnassar, an influential figure by snapchat international, was accredited for his targeted work, as well as his contribution to supporting entrepreneurs with entrepreneurship and human development information.

Throughout his working life, he has visited some 45 states around the world to learn about peoples’ cultures and emerging markets, as well as to learn about international entrepreneurial experiences.

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